Friday, 30 January 2015


I feel easily irritated at the moment......and fickle.

So, today, less words (I'm afraid I'd be quite moany) and simply pictures of pleasures this week.

Chocolate Salami. My 'Non Baking' efforts. A little slice with a cup of tea. Nice.

Spring Magazines.

Colourful Brooch Posy.

Spoon Love.

The same little shop I got these spoons in from several years ago, had a few more on my Christmas visit. I added to the collection. They are simply the daintiest spoons I have ever come across.

Floral love.

Jam Love. I'm not crazy. I have crafty plans for these mini jars.

Yarn Love. The most PERFECT shade.

Packaging Love. I'm a sucker. 

Told you I was a sucker.

I c.a.n.n.o.t resist


Cloud Love. I LOVE clouds. My head is always in them, so why not?

Ahhhhh I am calmer now!


Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I don't mind January.

I know some people really loathe it. For me it always goes past quite quickly, and I never have the chance to be drawn into the January 'blues'.

This week has been a cosy one. The weather has been a mixed old bag. One moment, the greyest of grey skies. Candles on, lamps on, blankets galore to snuggle under. The next.......bright sunshine, and the feeling of spring bouncing down the path with a basket of sunshiny flowers.

The scent of the fully opened hyacinths have intoxicated the room. They smell heavenly, well, if you like the smell of hyacinths that is.

The supermarket stocking the first daffodil bunches. Ahhhhhhh, it's an incredibly joyous thing, to watch these open to light up a room. I adore their scent too. Again, if you like that scent.

On the cosy days; I have snuggled, and immersed myself in a spot of crochet. A luxury at the moment.

On the sunshiny days, I have been productive. I have sorted and cleaned and sorted and sorted. I have that very nice clear head feeling. It won't last for long, so I am enjoying it whilst I have it.

I have baked a little. Ahem, actually, you can't really call it 'baked'. The minimal amount of baking to try and produce something. If it turns out ok I may take a pic, it may look horrid, it sounds weird, it also may be just so tasty, there will be nothing left to photograph once the bears get their mitts on it. We shall see.

I was frivolous today and bought a mag to read with my coffee, whilst I waited for the said 'baking' to complete. 

I am still in love with my 'cuppa' porridges. In fact, I think I have become infatuated with them. What a fab idea. I have a weakness for porridge and usually eat way too much. Porridge in a cup suits me to a 'T'. I am having fun adding my own flavourings. Usually lashings of cinnamon, but I discovered a madagascan vanilla grinder and I feel giddy with excitement at the possibilities. Yes....I am one saddo. Little things an all......

I hope your week is a great one so far.


Thursday, 22 January 2015



Wowzers.....this week has whizzed by. Apologies if you are awaiting replies to anything asked. It has been the first time in 6 days I've had a chance to sit and spend time trying to catch up on everything. It's slow going. I'm having to battle time between catching up with emails etc and doing housework. I know which I'd rather do, but my house is SCREAMING out for help. It's not a pretty sight for the eyes I can tell you.

My Sunshine Day Afghan Blanket has sort of been put on hold. Seriously, I've got it so wrong. I upped my motif count to 120 from 80 something, to make it a reasonable size..........and it's STILL not satisfactory for me. It's sort of HALF what I need. Another 120 motifs? Geez. I make myself giggle. I am such a muppet. I really do have NO sense of proportions when I do stuff.


I AM loving it, don't get me wrong. I just thought it'd be a quick one. Working now, it takes me twice as long to get projects finished. I think what I will do is crochet together all 120 squares that I have. Then I'll leave the edging for a bit and just add a row or two in the next month or so when I have the time. A tad frustrating.

I really want to start a new project. Something I fell completely and utterly in love with. But it's not going to be easy. I ordered the book in which the pattern was in....but it's in German. I was hoping against hope that there would be some pictoral diagrams (that's how I manage to faff my way through the japanese books), and with the help of 'translate' I could bumble my way through it. But alas, it reads all gobble-de-gook in translate (oh the irony in this sentence). Sigh. A tad frustrating. I was hoping that the Bears' German lessons would come in handy, but they are useless and can't help me with anything. Middle Bear is planning to take it as a GCSE, so maybe in a couple of years he might be more help with translating it for me.

I also just picked up a cheap crochet book whilst browsing the poultry aisle (yes I know, weird hey?). Almost nothing in it that took my fancy, but a long cardigan coat that looked like it could be a fun make (not one of those strange 1970's crochet patterns for clothing you always seem to get). I'll ponder on it.

It has been cold here this week, but as I type, the sun is poking through the grey clouds. Thank you kindly sun.

I bought some of my geraniums in for winter keeping, and they are starting to flower again. Yipppeeeeeee. I ADORE geraniums. Probably because they are hardy enough not to die at my hands. These along with Hyacinths are keeping me jolly on these dark grey days.

I cannot wait for the scent to hit the room when these beauties open.

I had some yarn arrive which I'm planning to make into a scarf. Baby Pink, Pumpkin, Warm Brown and Ivory will be a nice combo to make a block scarf. If I really cannot fathom the german pattern, I might have a go at the scarf. I just have to get the house in order first, and get my little sunshine motifs all attached.

First, I want a steaming hot coffee....and porridge......with lashings of cinnamon. That'll do quite nicely.

Please Sun.....please stay for a while. I am quite liking you being here today.


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Stuff and Blog Love.......

Cuppa Porridge is my new best friend.

So too, is Apricot Compote.

I have decided that the Sunshine Day Afghan Blanket needs to be a tad bigger than lap size. 


I JuSt CouLdn'T Do iT.

I decided that I needed it to be 12 squares by 10 to be at least remotely happy with it (and to me, that's still REALLY small). I was going to do it 10 squares by 8, but it just looked way too small to be happy with it. Sigh.......another 40 squares to make. I don't like thinking that I'm there...then realising that I am not. Boo hoo.

The thing I love about square motifs, is that they are very portable little things though. School runs are perfect, I can get a lot done in those precious minutes.

 I am liking these little squares......a lot. They are very satisfying to make. I'm not really doing it to a plan. I just found a stash of yarn to use up and I'm doing it all as I go along. Putting colours together that I like, but that's as far as it goes. I'm not making particular amounts of colour ways, just what I feel like, and how many of each I feel like. It's quite random. I love that. I do love that feel you get when you mix yarns and it's all a bit odd. To me that's more perfect, than being perfect. Someone asked how I felt about using different yarns/brands in one project. I do it all the time. I just make sure that they all have the same sort of wash instructions. I generally wash my blankets in cool water on a wool wash and air dry. I've never had any problems with shrinkage in particular yarns or colour run etc. I like the look of it. To me, it makes each blanket look that bit more unique and vintage, rather than shop bought and new. It's just me and how I like it.

After the last bright ripple, I fancied something muted as a whole, but with pops of bright thrown in just to lift it a bit. I'm already thinking on a border. I'm not sure yet whether something plain, something lacy or nothing at all? Any thoughts?

So, My world at the moment is house chaos (it's always a given), motifs spread everywhere, and the odd bit of quiet time with treats.......

OH MY WORD, is all can I can say. Salted Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Salami, Chocolate Rose Truffles, Violet and Peppermint Creams, Spiced Pear and Chocolate Cakes. Some VERY serious Treat Love going on here.

It's been the darkest, greyest morning here, but the briefest spell of sunshine burst through, and it was rather glorious. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Always lovely to lift ones' spirits.

I also wanted to share some blog love today. I do love to read blogs and I love to discover new ones. Time, as always, is never on my side and I never manage to get to discover as many new ones as I would like. It is a real treat though, to waft away a few minutes in the world of another. It's always lovely to see the world through anothers perspective. 

I don't have a side bar blog list so I thought maybe I'd just feature a few of the ones that I love to read. There are so many so maybe I'll do a few posts featuring blog love in the coming month.

So just a few to get started. You may already be avid readers of them all. I just love them, and am so thankful that they blog.

Have a super Thursday all!